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Keeley Library,   August 2, 2000
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Selected List of Resources in the Keeley Library 
prepared for students of Mr. Medeiros by Keeley Library  Staff  12/07/94

General Encyclopedias will give you background information on your topic, and can be found in the 031 reference  shelf area.   You can also use the Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia for background information. Please ask library staff to assist you with making copies or printouts.

Circulating Books:  Look in the Card Catalog to get titles of books on your topic. If the library does not have what you want, or if someone else has borrowed the books you need,  library staff can check the SAILS computer terminal to learn if the public library has these items.

Science Reference Books are located in  the 500 reference shelf area.  The following books will be useful for your project. Note: most of these reference books are copyrighted before 1990, so you will also have to  use magazines and SIRS reprints to get more recent information.
Ref. 503 M167  Macmillan Encyclopedia of Science
Ref. 503 N532  New Encyclopedia of Science
Ref. 503 M147  McGraw HIll Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Ref. 500 B724 1987 Popular Science
Ref .520.3  G163  The ABC’s of Astronomy
Ref. 523.2  M823at  Atlas of the Solar System
Ref. 523.003  M147  McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Astronomy
Ref. 520 I29  1982  The Illustrated Reference Book of the Universe

SIRS Science Reprints  are located near the Reference Desk. Library staff will photocopy articles for you. Please ask for assistance.

Magazine Articles: To get recent periodical articles, you will need to use the Readers Guide to Periodicals. Please ask library staff to assist you. Magazines can not be taken out of the library, but we will copy articles for you. We have some back issues for the following magazines:
Time     Newsweek   U.S. News and  World Report
Omni    Popular Science  Science News
Scientific American  Sky and Telescope  National Geographic
Should you want a magazine that we do not own, we also have a list of the magazines owned by the Fall River Public Library and Bristol Community College.  

Good luck with your report. 
The Keeley Library Staff