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Web Short-List for Teachers  Must have, can't go wrong, web sites for teachers

Keeley Library Revised 2/2/2000
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a classified list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated daily to keep up with the tremendous number of new World Wide Web sites. Information about its official awards and recognitions is available. This site includes numerous slide shows about : Differences Between Search Engines & Directories : Effective Search Strategies : Creating a Content-Rich Homepage for Your School : WebQuests in Our Future -- A Teacher's Role in Cyberspace : The Internet for Beginners : How to Find It & What to Do With It When You Do Cathy's site includes information about web site evaluation tools, a readability graph, internet curriculum links, and so much more. 
PBS Teacher Connex
PBS TEACHER CONNEX Online is a service of the Teacher Resource Service at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and participating public television stations nationwide. Each month, it provides teachers timely information about PBS general-audience and children's programming with extended videotaping rights for classroom use in the U.S., including program descriptions, grade level appropriateness, cross-curricular applications, teacher resources and links to relevant World Wide Web sites.This is the only place ONLINE where you can find comprehensive information about PBS programming with extended off-air rights. Check TV for Teachers on this site monthly for the most up-to-date rights information. TEACHER CONNEX Online also includes valuable links to Copyright Information for the use of broadcast television, videotapes and multimedia in the classroom. 
The Learning Link
WSBE has gathered over 260 web sites for educators. 
Search the ERIC microfilm  document database online for education-related topics. 
ALA Resources for Parents and Kids
The American Library Association has surveyed over sites and listed the best sites for children and young adults. The following links are located on the ALA Resources for Parents and Kids Page: ALA Resources for Parents and Children Kids Pick the Best of the Web TEEN Hoopla: Internet Guide for Teens 700+ Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults Who Care About Them The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids Kids Connect @ The Library: Tips for Parents
The Internet Public Library
Rated one of the five best. Reference Center has a clickable image map. Click on the desk to Ask a Reference Question, or a book to browse a specific section of the Ready Reference Collection. An all new feature, the IPL Pathfinders, are guides to getting started on research in numerous subject areas, both in print and online.IPL Original Reference Resources include links to the following: A+ Research & Writing for High School and College Students Associations on the Net Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies Native American Authors Online Literary Criticism Collection POTUS: Presidents of the United States Say Hello to the World Stately Knowledg Facts and information about the American states, Web Searching The IPL guide to the best search engines and catalogs on/for the Web, with tips on how to use them effectively. Online Newspapers,Online Serials, Online Texts IPL Teen Collection
MLIN Massachusetts Library and Information Network
Links to online library catalogs for Massachusetts. Also links to federal, state and local government information. State links inlcludes links for our own state and all other states. Special links for Science and Health refererence, including Medline database fromNational Library of Medicine


Keeley Library Home Page
Includes  the above links, and many more carefully selected resources..
Mrs. Good's Home Page
Includes lots of college and career info, and links to assessment, lessons,etc.

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