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Please see the Reference Librarian's annual report for the 2000-2001 school year.  Position eliminated 5/20/2001
Instructional Program  Mission
Our purpose is to provide useful guides and strategies to help students and teachers make the most of the Keeley Library Resources.  Among these are :
  • student topic guides and guides for higher thinking skills associated with assignments.
  • full integration of our library resources with high school curriculum guides which have been recently 

  •   realigned with state standards and curriculum frameworks.
    Major goals
    Our major short term goal : making our students efficient, responsible users of information 
    Our major long  term goal: helping our students  become  lifelong learners who can fully utilize all kinds of 
       information resources in our public and university libraries and online.
    The  documents below are made available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Acrobat allows the user to view and print the documents exactly as they were meant to look. First time users of this format will have to perform a one-time installation of the free Adobe Acrobat  Reader Software  before they will be able to read or print the documents. This format is used extensively on the Web and on the Massachusetts Department of Education Web Site.
    PDF Version of Keeley Library Curriculum created by the Reference Librarian
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    PDF Version of Statistics for Class Visits to the Keeley Library from September, 1980 to June, 2001 
    A brief outline of the kinds of instruction done by the Reference Librarian: Using Library Tools  ( PDF Format)

    The Keeley Library Curriculum Outline is based. on the federally funded Colorado Model Information Literacy Guidelines. Colorado has aligned its own state standards with the American Library Association's Information Power document.. Colorado has also created  rubrics for information literacy . (See links below.)

    Our broad curricular goals are based on  Information Power , on guidelines created by the Colorado Department of Education, Information Literacy Guidelines  (PDF Format), and on our own Standards for School Library Media Centers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    The following link is to another Colorado .pdf document which provides information literacy rubrics phrased in student language. There are four levels of competency listed for each student information task. It is an excellent and thorough document. **Information Literacy Rubrics   ( PDF Format)

    Colorado Department of Education Information Literacy Page. (for alternate versions of documents)

    Our Keeley Library Instructional Page  supplements and complements the official Keeley Library Home Page at 

    The Keeley Library Home Page is maintained by our Cataloger and SAILS Library Network liaison, Ron Bettencourt, who organizes all  information in the Keeley Library, and  provides:

  • a guide to our  resources
  • many carefully selected Internet links
  • monthly updates to our newly processed books and audiovisual materials. 
  • Visit us often and take advantage of our resources and services! 

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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001