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Keeley Library,   August 2, 2000
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Prepared by Keeley LIbrary Staff        10/27/93

The following  Reference Books are arranged chronologically, and should  be helpful to students who are constructing a timeline of events in U.S. History.

Call Number  Title

Ref. 973.03 C319  Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates (1599-1961)
Ref. 973 C626  Chronology of  the United States  (1799-1975)
    Mostly brief facts and dates.

Ref. 973 M194  Great Events from History- American Series        This sources includes a summary , principal personages,       and summaries of several books about  each historical       event.  (350B.C.-1969)

Ref. 973 A613  Annals of America   ( covers 1493-1976)
Ref. 973 C734 1973  Documents of American History  (covers  1492-1973)
Ref. 973 B724 1969  An American Primer  (covers 1620-1965)
Ref. 973.9205 H673  Historic Documents  (covers 1972-1992)
    These  sources contain the actual laws, speeches,        documents, letters, and other information arranged        chronologically.

Ref. 973 M235  Makers of America
    Articles about  America’s ethnic groups arranged by date.
    (covers from 1536-1970)

Ref. 973 Y39   Pictorial History of  America (Columbus-World War II)
Ref. 973.0222 A345           Album of American History (Colonial Period- 1982)
    Pictures arranged in chronological order. 

Ref. 911.73 A512  American Heritage Pictorial Atlas of United States History
    Historical maps.

Ref. 320.973 C749  Congress and the Nation 
    Congressional activities from 1945-1988

History encyclopedias are also arranged chronologically.  They are shelved in the 
Ref. 973 area of the library. Among them are:  
Ref. 973 A5115  American Destiny
Ref. 973.03 H235  Harper’s Encyclopedia of American History