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Keeley Library    November 27, 2000
Accounting I
COURSE: 03201, 03204
Accounting I
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  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • 1.3


    CONTENT: Financial Statements for a Proprietorship (Chapter 8)
    Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis; 
    Income Statement for Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
    Analyze the income statement and balance sheet of business. Explain the importance of high ethical standards in the preparation of financial statements.
    PERFORMANCE: Prepare an Income Statement for a Sole Proprietor.
    Using data gathered from the worksheet, students prepare an income statement for a Sole Proprietor.
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • Preparing for Discussions, Debates, Persuasive Essays 
  • 1.4 CONTENT: Special Applications: Forms of Ownership, Payroll
    Explain the  advantages and  disadvantages of the sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation
    PERFORMANCE: Teacher Prepared Handout and Class Discussion. Students will formulate logical opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of business organizations.
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • 5.1 CONTENT: Apply basic mathematical operations to solve problems
    Students prepare a Trial Balance  and explain its uses and limitations.
    PERFORMANCE: Preparing a Post-Closing Trial Balance   Students will prepare an end of month worksheet. Students will demonstrate the ability to complete the accounting cycle for a service business. 
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • 5.6 CONTENT: Problem Solving Applications: Cash Control Systems (Chapter 6)
    Use mathematical  procedures to analyze and solve business problems for such areas as credit management, purchases, sales, inventory records, and payroll records, cash management, financial statements, credit management, purchases, sales, inventory records, depreciation, cost recovery and depletion.
    PERFORMANCE: Handling Checks and Deposits
    Students will demonstrate their ability to maintain and balance a checking account.

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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001