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Keeley Library  Revised Jan. 23, 2001

See also subdivisions below.
See also related topics:
  • Statistics 
  • Biochemistry
  • Bacteriology and Microbiology
  • Bioethics
  • History of DNA
  • Genetic Engineering and Cloning
  • Genetics and Heredity
  • Cell Structure and Function

    in World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago:  World Book, 2001 
    Ref. 031 W927 1990 v.17
     inEncyclopedia Americana. Danbury, CT:Grolier, 1999
    Ref. 031 E56A 1999 v. 
    Dauben, Joseph W. "Science".  v.17 .
    Trefil, James "Special Section, Year 2000" in Science Year 2000  pp. 114-175             Ref. 505 S5162 2000
    Articles include:  A Thousand Years of Discovery; Eyes on the Future; The Way Things Were Supposed to Be; Great Unanswered Questions of Science


    See our guide,Finding Your Way in the Library, and our Library Floor Plan to locate books on the shelves.
    500'S     Pure Sciences
    510's   Mathematics
    520's   Astronomy & Allied Sciences
    530's   Physics
    540's   Chemistry & Allied Sciences
    550's   Earth Sciences
    560's  Paleontology
    570's   Anthropological & Biological Sciences
    580's   Botanical Sciences
    590's   Zoological Sciences

    sailscat.gif (2318 bytes)To locate items in our library network, search our New WebCat™using the following subjects.
    Mathematics Life sciences  Environmental sciences Sports sciences 
    Logic Space sciences Natural history Zoology
    Science news  Science and state Literature and science Technical writing 
    Science projects Science, Renaissance  Science--Dictionaries  Classification of sciences
    Science and civilization Science--Experiments Science--Exhibitions Scientists 
    Technology  Nature films  Science--Bibliography Experimental design
    Science--History Scientific illustration Science--Encyclopedias Bioethics
    Science--Language Science films  Science--Methodology Creationism 
    Research Religion and science Scientists--Biography  Discoveries in science 
    Science--Social aspects  Science--Philosophy  Scientific expeditions  Scientific recreations 
    Science--Study and teaching
    Science--Vocational guidance 
    Scientific apparatus and instruments
    Science and state--United States
    Science--Moral and ethical aspects
    Science--Examinations, questions, etc.


    Each type of book listed below is useful for a particular purpose. These kinds of resources exist for books in many different subject areas. As you use them, you will become more familiar with them, and will appreciate their value.
    Resource Type: Selected Title Call Number
    Bibliographic Guides These resources 
    summarize the topic and lead you to other 
    books and journals.
    Magill's Survey of  Science, Physical Science Series
    Great Events from History, Science and Technology   Series
    Ref. 500.2 M194 1992

    Ref. 509.04 G786

    Science Dictionaries  These give 
    definitions for scientific  terms.


    Larousse Dictionary of Science and Technology
    Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
    Illustrated Dictionary of Science
    McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
    Ref. 503 L332
    Ref. 503 A168 1992

    Ref. 503 I29 1995
    Ref. 503 M1472 1978

    Science  Handbooks   These  are usually 
    one-volume works which specialize in one
    area and  give a short explanation or description of the event or topic.
    Science and Technology Desk Reference
    Handbook of Current Science and Technology
    World of Scientific Discovery
    DK Science Encyclopedia
    Ref. 500 S416 1996
    Ref. 500 H236 1996
    Ref. 500 W927 1994
    Ref. 503 D626 1993
    Science Encyclopedias
    These are encyclopedias devoted to scientific 
    topics. Contents vary. 
    Gale Encyclopedia of Science
    McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
    Ref. 503 G151 1996
    Ref. 503  M147 1987
    Encyclopedia Yearbooks Science Year 2000, the World Book Annual Supplement Ref. 505 S5162 2000
    Science Article Reprints


    SIRS Science
    (Black Binders near Reference Desk)
    Medical Science, 
    Earth Science, 
    Physical Science, 
    Life Science and 
    Applied Science and Technology
    Ref.Desk  610.5 M489
    Ref.Desk  550.5 E12
    Ref.Desk  505 P578
    Ref.Desk  570.5 L722
    Ref.Desk  605 A652
    Science: Primary Sources See the following for Volumes on Science
    Harvard Classics 
    Great Books of the Western World 

    Ref. 080 H339
    Ref. 028.8 G7856
    Science Biographies Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists
    Dictionary of Scientific Biography
    Ref. 509.22B615 1998


    As members of SAILS, Durfee  students and teachers can access SIRS, INFOTRAC AND ELECTRIC LIBRARY, both  from library workstations, and from home. From home or a school lab computer, go to SAILS  Databases . You will need your library barcode when dialing from a home computer or a lab.
    For articles published before the 1980's use the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature index. There is also a Scientific American Index for articles published before the 1980's.


    These are document facsimiles kept near the Reference Desk. Most of the Jackdaws are about history topics, but these might be useful when studying science topics. .
    Discovery of the Galaxies Volcanoes Pasteur and the Germ Theory
    Faraday and Electricity Rubber Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood
    Newton and Gravitation Oil Everest


  • Science Fair Idea Exchange
  • The Biology Project
  • Biological Resources
  • NCBI Taxonomy Browser
  • Math
  • World of Mathematics
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry Standards: MSDS, OSHA, Hazardous 
  • Environment
  • How Stuff Works
  • General Chemistry Online
  • WWW Unit Converter for Physics
  • How Many?: A Dictionary of Units of Measurements
  • Physics Around the World
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Space Images)
  • Stephen Hawking's Universe (Astronomy)
  • Nine Planets
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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001