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Follow the library rules, so that you can remain on friendly terms with library staff and other people using the library.
  • get a pass when you are coming to the library during the school day, and do present the pass to the Circulation Librarian.
  • sign in when you are using the computer writing area, and do ask for help if you need it when using the computers.
  • read the signs and directions that have been placed in the library to help you locate materials.
  • return books you are using in the library to the carts near the sign, Please REturn Books Here. Library staff will make certain they are returned to their places on theshelves.
  • get a high density computer disk and bring it with you when you plan to use our writing area, or when a teacher brings you into the Netscape lab. You will need it to save your files.
  • save your files before you attempt to print them. Computers sometimes freeze during the printing operation, and your work will be lost if you don't save it first.
  • treat our area with respect, and leave it clean and orderly.
  • work with your friends on homework or projects if you need to, but please do it quietly so as not to disturb other students or teachers.
  • bring your assignment sheet with you when you come to do research, and tell the library staff your specific information needs, so that they can get the best information to answer your questions.Example:" I need to get information on gun control for a debate. I have to argue against gun control. My group will have fifteen minutes to argue. My project is due in two weeks." This helps the librarian to know that you need a lot of different viewpoints for your debate. She will get you periodicals, SIRS reprints, and any available books that disuss many sides of this issue.
  • complain to library staff if other students are disturbing you, or if you can't use equipment for your reports because they are monopolizing it.
    Do not  bring in beepers, headphones, or other equipment that is not allowed in school.Review your student handbook if you have any questions. Your equipment could be removed and placed in the Security Office until the end of the day.
    Do not bring food or drink into the library.
    Do not use the computers as toys. They are tools needed by other students for their reports. If you waste time playing around, it prevents someone who really needs the equipment from using it.
    Do not come in at the last minute and expect to get everything you need. You might be disappointed. It's much better to plan ahead, and set up a timeline for your project.
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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001