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Fall River History Photo CDs


PBS Teacher Web Support for PBS Programs
PBS Frontline Home Page 
PBS People's Century  Home Page
Discovery Channel
History Channel

PBS Previews (sample copy for quarterly newsletter, Winter /Spring, 2,000.shtm

Massachusetts Studies Project
Commonwealth Museum Home Page
SCORESchools of California Online Resources for EducationThis site rates web sites, and allows searching for them by both grade level and subject.

The Keeley Library Student Topic Guides include web links.To access these,  click on
Making the Keeley Library Work for YOU.


Online Periodicals Database  via SAILS    or via SEMLS
You need to enter your library barcode number to use these online databases from home of from one of the school labs.
Infotrac Web            Electric Library    Boston Globe
SIRS Researcher      EBSCO         and more............ 
Each database has a different emphasis. 
SAILS Online Catalog
See the Keeley Library Home Page for links to our catalog
If you want to search the catalog of libraries outside of the SAILS network, go to the 
Massachussetts Library and Information Network Select Catalogs to see University and other catalogs.
To see the list of full-text periodical titles useful for Social Studies, see these links:
General Reference Center      Academic ASAP            See library staff about these resources.


Resource Guides for Teachers
Biography Reference Books
World History Jackdaws
American History Jackdaws
SIRS Reprints, continued online by SIRS Researcher  after 1997.


Time Almanac Teacher's Guide and activity booklet. Grolier Online Encyclopedia
Encarta Online Encyclopedia
Audio Cassette Tapes

See also Video List


    Many of our microfilm and microfiche sets have study guides or a set of suggested questions and/or activities that could be used by teachers who want to expand the number and kind of activities they assign students for a given topic. Inquire at the Reference Desk to see some of the microfilm resources.
Great Personalities
Great Events from History 1
Women's History, a Literature of Struggle
Great Presidential Campaigns
Oral History: Memoirs from Columbia Univeristy's Oral History Collection
Great Personalities 2
Great Events from History 2
Bill of Rights in the 20th Century
Youth, Law, and Justice
Electing a President:1980
  • Microfiche in Microfiche Case:Countries of the World (older handbooks)
  • Microfilm in Microfilm Case Teacher guides for these are located near the Reference Desk:   Documentary Sources of Western Civilization There is a 22 volume index and teacher guide to the microfilm. The teacher guide has a lot of student activities that would be useful for each topic.
  • New York Times School Microfilm Collection 1851-1979 Includes highlights of important historical events on microfilm. The readers are cumbersome to use, however, and we have no printer.


These books can be used by students who are developing critical thinking and speaking skills by preparing for a panel discussion or debate. They can also be used by students who are writing persuasive essays. See library staff about these resources.
Opposing Viewpoints books.
Taking Sides books. There is also a teacher guide with suggestions for how these books might be used with classes.
Reference Shelf Series.
CQResearcheris a continuation of the Editorial Research Reports series.
Congressional Digest
Each issue of this journal is devoted to one topic, and includes opposing views about the topic. These are also useful for activities that develop speaking and critical thinking skills.

 SeeOutside Readings for Level 3 and 4 Classesand

Outstanding Personalities
The Keeley Library owns all but five of this biography series. Booklets are 30 pages long, and easy to read. A list of additional readings is included. The number in brackets is the Keeley Library Call Number for that book. 
Greenhaven Press series
These compact booklets belong to the same set at te biography books.They are easy to read, and include short segments from primary sources at the end of each booklet.


Annual Editions SeriesEach topic in this series contains about 50 articles reprinted from magazines and newspapers.(From Dushkin) Global Studies series This is a set of regional studies books that gives an overview of each region and each country, and then includes a list of about 20 current news articles about each region. (From Duskin)

Fall River Photo CD images
Selected slides from the Fall River History Materials Project slide sets were digitized on five photo cd disks through a gift in honor of the 90th birthday of Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Hendrickson, Class of 1925.

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001