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Keeley Library August 9, 2000
Accounting II
COURSE: 3221
Accounting II 
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  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding

  • 1.1


    CONTENT: Accounting Cycle
    Complete the various steps of the accounting cycle and explain the purpose of each step. Explain the purpose of a ledger account and post information from the journal to the ledger.
    PERFORMANCE: Analyze transactions. be able to record in journals and determine the posting procedure to use.
    End Product: Use Accounting Knowledge to Interpret Procedures for Posting.
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • 1.2 CONTENT: Accounting Process Determines the Need of Assets, Liabilities, and Owner's Equity, According to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
    Create and maintain the account for credit card subsidiary ledger, account for credit card sales, and apply appropriate accounting techniques for accounts.
    PERFORMANCE: Demonstrate the ability to interpret financial statements  effectively. Demonstrate the ability to solve problems.
    End Product: Use Basic Accounting Skills to Solve Problems. Fill in the Blanks and Multiple Choice
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding

    1.4 CONTENT: Special Applications: Apply Accounting Principles to Various Forms of Ownership, Payroll
    Explain the  advantages and  disadvantages of the sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. 
    PERFORMANCE: Demonstrate ability to interpret payroll to accounting principles.
    End Product: Students will complete payroll register tax tables and formulas for tax computation.  Fill in the Blank and Matching.

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