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Keeley Library  August 11, 2000
Business Mathematics
COURSE: 3814
Business Mathematics
(Inclusion Class)
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  • Mathematics 
  • Preparing for Oral Presentations, Posters, etc.
  • 5.1


    CONTENT: Mathematical Foundations for All Computational Skills and ConceptsApply basic mathematical operations to solve problems 
    PERFORMANCE: Rounding Numbers Students will know how to round whole numbers and fractions, and will demonstrate this ability by creating an educational poster.
  • Mathematics 
  • Retailing, Marketing, Advertising
  • 5.2


    CONTENT: Number relationships and operations Solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. solve problems that involve percents.
    PERFORMANCE: Solving percent problems. Students will demonstrate ability to solve percent problems by creating an informative ad.
  • Mathematics 
  • Preparing for Oral Presentations, Posters, etc.
  • 5.4


    CONTENT: Use common international standards of measurement in solving problems. Identify standard American units of measurement and show relationships.
    PERFORMANCE: Units of Measure Students create team posters which show units of measure and relationships.

  • Statistics

  •    reading tables, etc.:(doc lit)
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • 5.5


    CONTENT: Statistics and Probability Analyze and interpret data using common statistical procedures. Construct, read, and interpret tables, charts and graphs. Make inferences about data from tables, charts, and graphs.
    PERFORMANCE: Social Security Tax Tables Students will respond to a table of Social Security taxes. They will show their ability to read and interpret such a table via oral presentation of the correct tax.
  • Accounting, Record Keeping
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • 5.6 CONTENT: Problem- Solving Applications Use mathematical procedures to analyze and solve business problems for such areas as taxation, savings and investment, payroll records , cash management, financial statements, credit management, purchases, sales, inventory records, depreciation, cost recovery, depletion..
    PERFORMANCE: Maintaining checking accounts. Students will have the ability to fill out deposit slips, write checks, and record transactions in a check register to achieve an accurate balance.
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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001