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Brief Introduction      Keeley Library    Revised  March 22, 2001
Welcome to the Keeley Library. Your new Keeley Library Borrower's Card has a barcode on the back. Use this barcode to access the online catalog for books and other materials. Through the catalog PORTAL, you can also access online periodical and news databases, both from within the library and from your home computer.  Do not allow others to use this card, as you will be responsible if they lose materials. If you should lose this card, inform library staff  immediately. They will help you to change the pin number for your card.  Library staff will gladly help you use our new system and find information for your assignments.
To access the online library catalog, online periodicals  databases,  and instructional  guides from home,  use the links on our Keeley Library Home Page. at
Make this your home page!
Click on the blue and white Web Cat for Sails picture to reach the online catalog. (See additional links in illustration at left.)

You can also go to the SAILS Home Page at  and link to the catalog   and other resources from the menu bar.

Using  your barcode:

Enter the barcode from your library card in the user id box.  For a pin number, use 9999 if you are using our Keeley  Library card. If you are using your  public library card, then your pin number will be the last four digits of your phone number.  Using Catalog Access Only will get you in without the barcode, but you will have limited access to databases and information about your account. Click on the Login button to enter the  catalog.

Searching the Catalog:

First, Check to see which library location you will be searching. (From  a remote computer, the library location is generally set to search all SAILS libraries.  In a library, it is set to search that library. )
To search only the books in the Keeley  Library, click on the arrow and scroll to Fall River, B.M.C. Durfee High School, Keeley Library.Use the text box to type in your search for books, videos and other items. Then click on one of the search options (author, title, subject,  everything.) Use the menu bar and  navigation buttons to go back, etc.

Click on  INFORMATION RESOURCES  at the top of the page to reach the online periodicals databases from within Ibistro. Note: SAILS sometimes modifies these settings..  If you do not see Online Database Access as an option on the INFORMATION RESOURCES SCREEN,  inform the  Keeley Library staff. Otherwise, see alternate routes at the end of this page.
After clicking on INFORMATION RESOURCES, you will see this screen. It is a gateway to other resources. 

At a library station, you should see: Databases available in the Library
At a remote station, you should see: Databases available from home.

If you are using it at a library workstation, in most cases, you should not need to use a barcode to log in. 

Your library  barcode is needed when logging in from home.

Infotrac is a collection of databases. Scroll down to select the one you wish.

Most databases will allow you to view, print, save articles to a disk, or send articles to your personal email account. 

When you finish using Infotrac, or another database, remember to close the browser window that opened up for that database.

Alternate Routes to the online newspaper and periodicals resources.:
You can always access these resources via the Keeley Library Home Page Databases link. (see picture below.)

You can also go to the SAILS Home Page at and link to the catalog   and other resources from the menu bar.

You must  enter the barcode from your library card to access these resources.

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Jane Constant  Keeley Library
B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001