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Keeley Library  Revised January 23, 2001
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General History of Europe


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Ref. 940 M194 v.1

Great Events from History, Modern European Series Volume 1
This series lists principal personages, event summaries, summaries of important literature and lists of additional outside readings. It is a very good place to start your research, and includes the following chapters:

  • Napoleon Rises to Power in France
  • Battle of Marengo
  • Coronation of Napoleon as Emperor
  • Battle of Austerlitz
  • Prussian Reform after Defeat at Jena
  • Dos de Mayo Insurrection in Spain
  • Napoleon's Invasion of Russia
  • Battle of the Nations
  • Restoration of Ferdinand VII to the Throne of Spain
  • Restoration of French Bourbon Kings
  • Ref. 909 S 675 v.1

    Panorama of the Past Volume I: Ancient Times to 1815
    This book contains brief outside readings about the topics below:
    Chapter 10: Era of the French Revolution:

  • Catechism: 
  • School Children Must Honor Napoleon; 
  • German War of Liberation Against Napoleon, 1813
  • Chapter 12: Warfare from the Middle Ages to 1812:
  • Napoleon Inspires French Army in Italy, 1796;
  • Napoleon Retreats from Moscow, 1812

  • Ref. 941 H673 v.8

    History of the English Speaking Peoples Volume VIII

    This is Sir Winston Churchill's view of history from a British perspective. It is extremely well illustrated and includes lengthy chapters on the following:

  • France Confronted I
  • Bonaparte in Italy
  • Pitt as a War Leader
  • Triumph at Sea
  • France Confronted 2
  • Malta: the New Order
  • The Naval Mutinies
  • Blunders on Land
  • The NIle and After
  • The Uneasy Peace
  • Trafalgar
  • Nelson's Victory
  • Nelson and the Navy
  • The Great Invasion Scare
  • England at War
  • England's Allies Routed
  • Ref. 909 D951 v.11

    The Age of Napoleon

    Will and Ariel Durant have written this lengthy, well detailed account of personalities and events during the Napoleonic era. It is part of their series: The Story of Civilization. The book is 872 pages long, and includes index and extensive bibliograpy.

    Jackdaws:Each Jackdaw contains reproductions of original documents, summaries of events, and "think for yourself:" activities:
     Rise of Napoleon Batttle of Trafalgar  Retreat from Moscow, 1812  Battle of Waterloo

    Documents on Microfilm
    The Keeley Library has an extensive collection of documents on microfilm. Each has ideas for projects and student activities included in a handbook near the Reference Desk. Microfilm can now be viewed but not printed. Teachers may still find the activities useful, and some way might be found to print some of the selections elsewhere until a suitable printer is obtained. Documents that might be useful for this projects are:

    Books in the Circulating Collection
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    SAILS libraries have over 100 books about Napoleon. The Keeley Library ownsover 12 of them, and can place holds of the others for you.


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    NAPOLEON :Internet Guide

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