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Keeley Library   Revised, April 22, 2000

    Teachers should see the Circulation Librarian one week in advance to schedule a class into the Netscape Lab. Teachers should accompany students to and from the lab, and should have each student sign his/her name, teachers' name and date in the log next to each computer station. At various times during the day, there will be teaching staff or student assistants in the lab to help with technical problems. Since the lab is considered a classroom, the teacher should remain with the class while it is in the lab. Individual students are not allowed in the Netscape Lab without their teachers, so teachers should question any student who wanders in about his/her purpose and permission slip for being there. This policy was established by the Computer Technology Committee at Durfee.

Using the Web for Research

    As with traditional research tools, students need to "consider the source" when they are searching the web for information. Cathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Web Evaluation sites  includes a template for web site evaluation that might be useful for your students.
    Students also need to know online search strategies that will produce the specific information they need. On the Keeley Library Home Page, under Other Useful Links, you will find a section on Internet Information which includes several excellent links to directions for using search engines.
Short List of the Web Sites Too Good to Miss
    If you don't want too many bookmarks in your bookmark file, you may be interested in this short list. We've tried to narrow this list to the very best sites for teachers. The Keeley Library Home Page includes many more.

Note: In some instances, web masters will give your permission to download their sites. If they do, this makes it possible for you to use the web site off-line. Students who were absent on the day you used the web site can then make up this experience in class, or in the Keeley Library computer writing area.

Using a site offline for inclusion purposes:

See library staff if you have questions, or need additional information.

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
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