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Keeley Library    January 22, 2001
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Mann Murals
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Fall River History CD's
Image depicts Freeman's Purchase 


in World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago:World Book, 2001
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Lewis, Laurence A. "Fall River" v.7 Pillion, George L. "Fall River" v.10

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974's  Fall River 364's   Lizzie Borden 387's   Fall River Line

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Infoline human resource directory : Greater Fall River area Ref. 361.9744025 I43 1992
Community resource directory / Fall River Futures. Ref. 361.974485 C734
Revised ordinances of the city of Fall River, Massachusetts the charter and general ordinances of the city / published by  order of the City Council.Fall River (Mass.). Laws, etc.  Ref. 342.74485026 
F194OR 1966
Fall River baseball history, 1839-1939. Ref. Father Mac
796.35709744 M478 1939

Historical Collection

Up the Flint 974.485 M217UP 1999
1998 B.M.C. Durfee High School alumni directory. 373.74485 D958 1998
 Fall River  974.485 L675 1997
The Granite Block : downtown Fall River in the mid-twentiethcentury  974.485 M227 1994
Proceedings Lizzie Borden conference 364.1523 L511 1993
The Narrows  974.485 M227NA 1993
Forty whacks : new evidence in the life and legend of LizzieBorden  364.1523 B728KE 1992
The Lizzie Borden sourcebook 364.1523 L789 1992
Lizzie Borden : [pbk] the legend, the truth, the final chapter 364.1523 B728BR 1992
Mortal remains : a true story of ritual murder  364.1523 S283 1992
Victorian vistas : Fall River, 1901-1911 : as viewed through its newspaper accounts  974.485041 V6454 1992
Lizzie Borden : the legend, the truth, the final chapter  364.1523 B728BR
The Fabulous 1950's as recorded in the Fall River herald news. 974.485043 F134
A portrait of two families 974.485092 R219RA
The Memorable 1940's as recorded in the Fall River herald  news. 974.485042 M533
What we had : a memoir  070.92 C431CH 1990
Victorian vistas : Fall River, 1886-1900 : as viewed through its newspaper accounts / edited by Philip T. Silvia, Jr. Silvia, Philip T.  974.485041 V6452 1988
Victorian vistas : Fall River, 1865-1885 : as viewed through its newspaper accounts 974.485041 V645 1987
To fight a windmill  371.10092 N754NO
Letters, lectures and love : a compendium of memorabilia 818.54 H816LE
The Fall River tragedy : a history of the Borden murders  345.7302 P844 1985
 Lizzie  364.1523092 B728SP
Greater Fall River baseball : twenty five major leagues in one hundreed years  796.35709744 G786
Fall River, a pictorial history / 974.485 B745
In print : 100 yrs. of student journalism, 1882-1982 / B.M.C. Durfee H.S., Fall River, Ma. 371.89709744 I35
Lizzie Borden : a case book of family and crime in the 1890s  345.7302523 B728LI
Fall River's challenge of the 80's : linking the downtown withthe waterfront : a plan and action strategy for the City of Fall River  307.12160974485 F1945
A portrait of two families  974.485092 R219RA 1991
A Survey of the Fall River shoreline. 551.4580974485 S963
A Survey of Fall River's central shoreline  551.4580974485 S963 1979
Preservation : present pathway to Fall River's future  721.0288 F395
Historic Fall River / a special publication prepared for the city of Fall River, Massachusetts by the Preservation Partnership 974.485 H673
Factors contributing to school leaving among immigrantchildren : the case of the Portuguese in Fall River, 371.2913097448 M478
Portuguese pioneers in the United States  974.485089 T231
The spindle city : labor, politics, and religion in Fall River, Massachusetts, 1870-1905 974.485041 S587SP 1973
Floating palaces; New England to New York on the old Fall River Line. 387.5420974 M113 1972
Fall River today and tomorrow : the final report of the Fall River community renewal program  307.12160974485 F194
Durfee quo vadis : biography of a high school  373.7448 P393 1970
"The glory that was" : a pictorial history of the world famed Fall River Line. 387.5420974 M113G
A centennial history of the Fall River Public Library,1861-1961 027.474485 M478
Commonwealth; giantess of the Sound. 387.5420974 M478CO
Priscilla of Fall River  387.5420974 M113 1956
The old Fall River Line; 387.542 M478OL 1955C
 The old Fall River Line; 387.542 M478OL 1955C
 Priscilla of Fall River  387.5420974 M113
The Phillips history of Fall River  974.485 P558 1944
The cotton textile industry of Fall River, Massachusetts : a study of industrial localization 338.4767 S662 1944C

Circulating Collection

Granite roads and copper boxes : a children's history of FallRiver  974.485 K29 1999
Our story : Charlton Health System  362.11 C481ES 1997
A centennial history of Fall River, Mass.: comprising a record of its corporate progress from 1656 to 1876, with sketches of its manufacturing industries, local and general characteristics, valuable statistical tables, etc. / prepared under the direction of a committee of the city government 974.485 E12 1877B
Fall River dreams  796.323 R462 1994
A brief history of the diocese of Fall River, Mass. 262.309744 B811
Report of the Watuppa Ponds and Quequechan River Commission to the City Council, City of Fall River ; together with the Report of Fay, Spofford and Thorndike, consulting engineers. 363.610975585 F194 1915
 Fall River and its manufactories, 1803-1914 : with statistical tables 974.485 F194
Fall River, Massachusetts : "a city of opportunity" : 1909-'10  338.9 F194 1910
The city of the dinner-pail 974.485 L737
 History of the Fire Department of Fall River, Mass 363.37 L987 1896C
B.M.C. Durfee High School building, Fall River, Mass. 727.0974485 B111
The effect on the water privileges of the Watuppa Reservoir Company due to the use of water from the Watuppa Ponds by the City of Fall River  363.61 E53 1881C
Fall River and its industries: an historical and statistical record of village, town, and city, from the date of the original charter  of the freemen's purchase in 1656 to the present time. With valuable statistical tables, family genealogies, etc., illustrated by views and portraits on steel 974.485 P366
History of the Fall River strike : being a full account of the labor troubles from 1873, to April 5th, 1875 331.892 W926 1875C
History of Fall River : with notices of Freetown and Tiverton /as published in 1841 by Orin Fowler ; together with a sketch of the life of Rev. Orin Fowler, an epitome of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island boundary question, an account of the great fire of 1843, and ecclesiastical
manufacturing, and other statistics.
974.485 F787 1862C
Avery's trial 364.1523 A954HALE 1833C
Fall River : an authentic narrative / by the author of Tales,  national, revolutionary, &c. &c. 974.485 W722 1833C

CD copies of slides taken for a Horace Mann Grant in 1988
Note: Some of the images are mounted on the Fall River History Materials page:

Fall River history photo CD. City views circa 1900, Fall River churches, B.M.C. Durfee High School on Rock Street 974.485 F194C 1998
Fall River history photo CD. Granite quarry, Quequechan  River, buildings and landmarks at turn of century, Fall River during Civil War  974.485 F194G 1998
Fall River history photo CD. Beaches, parks, cemeteries (circa 1900), steamships, Steep Brook 974.495 F194H 1998
Mann murals. Fall River schools 974.485 M281 1998
[Fall River textile industry] 677.0974 F194T 1998


 B.M.C. Durfee High School alumni directory 1998. ARCHIVES B

Video-Filmsrips, etc

Lizzie Borden [videorecording] : a woman accused / 364.1523 L789 1995
Adolescents speak out [videorecording]. 305.235 A239 1989
Community study : Fall River, Mass.  974.485 R351[filmstrip]


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Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
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