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The following digitized images are made possible through a gift  given by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph  E. Rogers and Mr. William A. Hendrickson in honor of the 90th birthday of Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Hendrickson, Class of 1925.  Five hundred slides from the Fall River History Materials Project were digitized on five cd disks. Approximately  15-20 images from each disk have been placed on this server. As we acquire more space on this account, more images will be mounted at a later date.

Twenty-one of the one hundred images on this photo cd disk can be viewed below in Netscape.

1.  Panel describing  several murals.

2.  Fall  River Indians before the  arrival of the white man.  The  arrival of       Miguel  Corte Real is shown in the background.

3.  Indians before arrival of the white man.. details

4.  Indians before arrival of the white man..  details

5. Indians before arrival of white man details

6. Indians before arrival of white man..  details

7. Indians before arrival of the white man. details

8. Indians before arrival of the white man...  details

9. Sealing of the  Freeman's Purchase.Presentation of Turf and Twig.

10. Freeman's Purchase. White men


11. Freeman's Purchase. Presentation of Turf and Twig.  detail..

12. Freeman's Purchase. King Philip leaving in disapproval.

13.  Death of Weetamoe, Queen of the Pocassets.

14.  Death of Weetamoe, detail.


15.  King Philip indicates the result of the white man's invasion of his land.

16. King Philip points to the result of white man's invasion of his land.

17.  Detail of mural showing result of white man's invasion of  Indian land.

18.  Detail of mural showing result of white man's invasion of  Indian land.

19. King Philip's War.

20. Indian Legend depicting Indian  drinking from pool of water to  acquire eternal youth.

21.  Indian Legend  depicting old Indian

22. Panel listing titles of various murals .

23. Slades Ferry , powered  by horses. going from Somerset to Steep Brook,

24. Interior of a grist mill.

25. Interior of a grist mill.

26. Interior of a grist mill.

27. Revolutionary War Battle of Fall River

28. Fall River Patriots fight the British at the  Battle of Fall River

29.  British retreating from Fall River patriots during Battle of Fall River.

30. Wounded British soldier left behind during Battle of Fall River.

31. Thomas Borden's house on fire, during Battle of Fall River.

32.  Civil War recruitment on Bedford Street.

33. Civil War recruitment.  Detail

34. Civil War recruitment.  Detail

35. Civil War recruitment . Detail

36. Civil War recruitment . Detail

37. Presenting the Deeds and Records. Settlement of Boundary Dispute.

38. Presenting the Deeds and Records.Dignitaries attending ceremony.


39. Presenting the Deeds and Records. Dignitaries attending ceremony.

40. Clothing detail.  Presenting Deeds and Records Ceremony.

41. Keeping Alived Tradition and History.Panel detail showing familiar scenes from Fall River history.

42.  Keeping Alive Tradition and History.Grandfather  retelling stories about Fal River to his grandchildren.

43. Valkyrie guiding souls of dead Norsmen to Halls of Odin in Valhalla.

44. Early cotton manufacturing showing  looms, spinning wheel, etc.

45. Early Fall River textile industry-  details.

46. Early Fall River textile industry-  details.


47. Early Fall River textile industry- details.

48.  Ealry Fall River textile industry  -  details

49.  Early Cotton Manufacturing  details

50.  Early cotton manufacturing   details

51. "Modern" cotton textile industry 1930's.

52.  Cotton textile industry  1930's.

53. Cotton textile industry   1930's.

54.  Cotton textile industry   1930's

55. Cotton textile industry   1930's

56.  Cotton textile industry

57. Textile industry  1930's  detail

58. Textile industry  1930's   detail

59. Textile industry  1930's  detail

60. Textile industry  1930's  detail

61. Foster Hooper School   9th Grade

62. Foster Grammar School

63. Slade School House

64. Slade School

65.  Slade School

66. Slade School- Third Grade

67. Davis School

68. Davis School- Second Grade

69. Brown School-  1st Grade

70. Samuel Longfellow School

71. "New" Lincoln School

72. Border City School

73. Westall School

74. Westall School

75. Davenport Grammar School

76. W.S. Greene School

77. Highland  School

78. Fowler School

79. Brownell School-North Park

80. Osborn School

81. N.B. Borden School

82. N.B. Borden- 2nd Grade Circa 1900

83. N.B. Borden School -  8th Grade

84. B.M.C. Durfee Technical School Rock Street

85. B.M.C. Durfee High School Rock Street

86.  Durfee Technical High School (later renamed Kuss MIddle School)

87. Normal Training School

88. Bradford Durfee Textile Institute

89. Bradford Durfee Textile Institute

90. Bradford Durfee Technical School

91. St. Mary's School

92. Mount St. Mary's Convent

93. Ecole Notre Dame

94. Notre Dame College

95. Sacred Heart Academy

96. Sacred Heart Academy

97. Holy Name Elementary School

98. St. Anne School

99. Jesus Mary Convent

100. St. Vincent Orphanage

101. Westall School

102. Fowler School

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001