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    in World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago:World Book, 2001
    Ref. 031 W927 1990 v.18
     in Encyclopedia Americana. Danbury, CT:Grolier, 1999
    Ref. 031 E56A 1999 v.25
    Hunkins, Francis P. "Social Studies" v.18  Gross, Richard E."Social Studies" v.25 

    See our guide ,Finding Your Way in the Library, and our Library Floor Plan to locate books on our  shelves.

    300's     Social Sciences
    301's     Sociology 
    320's Political Science   Presidential Campaigns
    330's Economics
    340's Law
    350's Public Administration - Government, Military
    360's Social Welfare- Associations, Clubs
    370's Education
    380's Commerce, Communication, Transportation
    390's Customs and Folklore


    The call  number for each will bring you to the general area for that subject. Each type of book listed below is useful for a particular purpose. These kinds of resources exist for books in many different subject areas. As you use them, you will become more familiar with them, and will appreciate their value.
    Resource Type: Selected Title Call Number
    Bibliographic Guides
    These resources lead you 
    to other books and journals
    The Presidency, a Research Guide 
    Economics, a Resource Book for Secondary Schools 
    U.S. Government, a Resource book for Secondary Schools 
    Survey of Social Sciences  Economics Series 
    Survey of Social Science Government and Politics Series 
    Great Events from History Business and Commerce Series 
    Great Events from History Human Rights Series 
    Great Events from History Ecology and the Environment Series 
    Ref. 353.031  G594 1985
    Ref,. 330.0712 D262
    Ref. 320.473 T949
    Ref. 330.03 S963
    Ref. 320.03 S963
    Ref. 330.9 G786 1994
    Ref. 341. 4810924 G786
    Ref.  363.7G786
    These give definitions for 
    literary terms.
    Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sociology 
    Crescent Dictionary of American Politics 
    International Relations  a Political Dictionary 
    Dictionary of the Environment 
    International Dictionary of Education 
    Dictionary of Military UNiform 
    Illustrated Dictionary Broadcast-CATV-Telecommunications
    Ref   301.0321 E56
    Ref. 320.03 M123
    Ref. 327.03 P712
    REF. 333.703 A416
    REf 370.3 P132
    Ref. 355.1403 C287
    These give you a short 
    explanation of the event or
    topic. They are usually 
    one-volume works which
    specialize in one area.
    United States Government Manual 
    Federal Agency Profiles for Students 
    The O'Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles
    Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies 
    Supreme Court A-Z 
    Special Interest Group Profiles for Students 
    Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes 
    Folklore of World Holidays 
    Everyday Business Etiquette 
    Business Leader Profiles for Students 
    Encyclopedia of Naval History 
    REf. 353.00005 U58
    REf. 351.73 F293
    Ref,  331.7003 O58
    Ref. 333.7 A831
    REf. 347.732603 S959
    Ref. 324.4 S741
    REF. 391.009 R121 
     Ref. 394.26 F666
    REf. 395.52P647
    Ref. 338.092 B979
    REF. 359.003 B886 1998
    These are encyclopedias 
    devoted to literature 
    topics. Contents vary. 
    They could be about
    authors, or about some
    aspect of literature.
    Encyclopedia  of American Social History 
    Encyclopedia of Propaganda 
    Illustrated History of Women 
    Culturgram 95 
    Encyclopedia of World Cultures 
    Encyclopedia of American Government 
    Encyclopedia of the American Constitution 
    World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties 
    World Encyclopedia of Transportation 
    Magill's Legal Guide 
    Crimes and Punishment  the Illustrated Crime Encyclopedia 
    Ref. 301.0973 E56 1993
    REf. 303.375 1998
    REF. 305.409F822 1999
    Ref. 306 C968 1994
    REF. 306.09 E56
     Ref. 320.473 E56 1998
    Ref. 342.02303 E56
    REf 324.023 W927 1999
    Ref. 388.03 E56 2000
    Ref 349.73 M194 2000
    Ref. 364.03 C929 1994
    Directories Directories
    Peterson's Guide to Four Year Colleges 
    Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media 
    Stock market Encyclopedia 
    Company Profiles for Students 
    State Yellow Book 
    REF. 378.73 P485 1998
    REf. 302.23  G151
    REf. 338.740973 S864
    Ref. 338.74  C737
    REF 324.025 S797
    Atlases Atlas of the American Economy
    Young Gaia Atlas of Earthcare 
    Economist World Atlas and Almanac 
    Atlas of American MIgration 
    Atlas of the 1990 Census 
    Atlas of Endangered Places 
    We the People, and Atlas of America's Diversiity  ATLAS CASE 
    Ref. 338.0973 A881 1994Y
    REF. 363.7 L782
    REF. 330.O223 E19REF. 330.O223 E19
    Ref. 304.8097 F584
    Ref. 304.6 M444
    Ref. 304.28 P777 b1993
    Ref. 305800973 a427
    Almanacs Illustrated Book of World Rankings 
    Statistical Abstract of the World 
    Statistical Abstract of the United States 
    World Almanac handbook of facts 
    New Book of American Rankings
    The 1993 Information Please Environmental Almanac 
    Statistical Record of the Environment 
    Statistical Record of Health and Medicine 
    Ref. 310 I29 1997
    REF. 310 S797 1996
    Ref. 317.3 S7975  1998
    Ref. 317.3 W927 1999
    Ref., 317.3 M528 1998
    REF. 333.705 I43 1993
    Ref. 363.73  S797 1995
    Ref, 362.1 S797 1998
    Timelines or Chronologies Student's Atlas of American Presidential Elections
    (Not a true timeline,but events are arragned by date)
    Almerican Book of Days  (Holidays arranged by date)
    REf. 324.973 S933
    394.26973 D734
    Primary Sources Quotations, Speeches, 
    Reprints or extracts 
    from primary sources, 
    such as letters, 
    newspaper articles, speeches, etc.
    History of American Presidential Elections
    Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America  Primary Documents 
    Speeches of the American Presidents 
    Messages and Papers of the Presidents 

    Great Presidential Campaigns
    Bill of Rights in the Twentieth Century
    Women's History
    Youth, Law and Justice
    Electing a President 1980
    Ref . 324.973 S342
    REF. 305.8G151
    REf 355.035 S742
    Ref. 353.035 U56

    MF 324.973 G786
    MF 323.4 B986
    MFv 305.4 W872
    MF 364.973 Y83
    MF 324.9730927 E38


    Sociology                Ref. 301.05 A615
    Violence and Terrorism   Ref. 302.62505 V796
    Environment              Ref. 304.205 A615
    Anthropology             Ref. 306  A615
    Comparative Politics     Ref. 320.305 A615
    American Public Policy   Ref. 320.6097 A615
    American Government      REF. 320.97305 A615
    American Foreign Policy  Ref. 327.73 A615
    Economics                Ref. 330.973005  A615
    Mass Media               REf. 302.22 A615
    Developing World         Ref. 303.44 A615
    Child Growth and 
    Development              Ref. 305.231 A615
    Human Sexuality          Ref. 306.7 R287
    Marriage and Family      Ref. 306.8093075 A615
    State and Local 
    Government               REf. 320.8097305 A615
    Social Psychology        REf. 302.05 S678
    Human Development        Ref. 305.205A615
    Race and Ethnic 
    Relations                Ref  305.8005 A615
    Urban Society            Ref. 397.76 A615


    Family Youth Ethnic Groups Aging
    Sexuality Health Energy Pollution
    Crime Alcohol Aids Drug Abuse
    Corrections Consumerism Transportation


     As members of SAILS, Durfee  students and teachers can access SIRS, INFOTRAC AND ELECTRIC LIBRARY, both  from library workstations, and from home. From home or a school lab computer, go to SAILS  Databases . You will need your library barcode when dialing from a home computer or a lab.


    These are document facsimiles kept near the Reference Desk. . See these links for a list of our Jackdaws topics:
    Great Exhibition 1851
    Japanese American Internment
    Women in Revolt, the Fight for Emancipation
    Clipper Ships and the Cutty Sark
    Immigration 1870-1930
    History of Political Parties in American
    man and towns
    National Parks of the Us
    History oil Unicef
    slavery in the U.s.
    Women's Rights in the UNited States
    The First Transcontinental Railroad
    The Making of the Constitution
    The Presidency
    The New Deal
    The CIO and the Labor Movement
    Votes for Women, the Fight for Suffrage
    The Depression
    Modern IMMIgration
    Communes and Communitarians in America
    The Early Trade Unions
    Black voting rights in the fight for equality
    American China Trade
    1920 America Enters the Modern Age: Culture Politics, Art and Money


    See also links on these Keeley Library Topic Guides:
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Trade Unions
  • See also links on these Keeley Library Topic Guides:
  • Careers
  • Education
  • Public Administration - Government, Military

  • Social Security Online
  • Medicare
  • EnviroLink
  • Linkages on Environmental Issues and Development
  • Access-Able Travel Source
  • (sign language dictionary)
  • WomenWatch/Regional and Country Information
  • Women's Issues--3rd World
  • GuideStar: The Donor's Guide to the Nonprofit Universe
  • World Health Organization
  • Refugees International
  • International Monetary Fund
  • The World Bank
  • .Amnesty International
  • The Carter Center
  • Conflict Research Consortium
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