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RESOURCES FOR DISCUSSIONS OR DEBATES                                            --Congressional Digest, the Pro and Con Monthly

Keeley Library  4/10/2000

Each issue of this monthly journal is devoted exclusively to one significant topic, and includes several articles, and debate about that topic. The Keeley Library has various back issues since January, 1979.
Human Cloning
Medicare Reform
Violence on Television
Negotiating Trade Agreements
National Educational Tests
Public Housing Reform
Renewable Energy
Chemical Weapons
Flexibility in the Workplace
International Population Assistance
Reducing the Deficit
United Nations
Legal Reform
Unfunded Federal Mandates
Clean Water.
Nuclear Waste Storage
Privatizing Social Security
U.S. Relations with China
Welfare Reform
Congressional Term Limits
Prayer in Public Schools
Sexual Orientation
1996 Elections
Juvenile Crime
Affirmative Action
Immigration Policy
Federal Farm Policy
Bosnian Conflict
Telecommunications Reform
Lobbying Reform Legislation
GATT Agreement
Health Care Reform
U.S. Policy Toward Haiti
Federal Role.Crime Control
Second Hand Tobacco Smoke
Campaign Finance Legislation
Mining and Public Lands
Proposed Dept. of Environment
National Education Reform

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001