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Outside Reading Selections for Levels 3 and 4 Classes

Keeley Library Staff                                                    6/27/98
The number in brackets is the Keeley Library call number for each book.
                  Wonders of Man Series
 1.  Ascher, Abraham.  The Kremlin.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1972.  [947.312 A 813]

  2.  Carroll, David.  The Taj Mahal.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1973.  [954.025 C319]

  3.  Davis, John H.  Venice.  New York: Newsweek,
           1973.  [945.31 D262]

  4.  Greenberg, Mark.  The Hague.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1982.  [949.23/Gre/1982]

  5.  Grunfeld, Frederic V.  Vienna.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1981.  [943/.613/Gru/1981]

  6.  Hemming, John.  Machu Picchu.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1981.  [985.37 H489]

  7.  Hibbert, Christopher.  Chateaux of the Loire. 
           New York: Newsweek, 1982.  [944.5/Hib/1982]

  8.  Hibbert, Christopher.  Tower of London.  New
           York: Newsweek, 1971.  [942.15 H624]

  9.  Hibbert, Christopher.  Versailles.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1972.  [914/.436/H524V]

 10.  King, Francis Henry.  Florence.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1982.  [945.51/Kin/1982]

 11.  Landay, Jerry M.  Dome of the Rock.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1972.  [956.944 L253]

 12.  Leish, Kenneth W.  The White House.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1972.  [975.3 L532]

 13.  MacFarquhar, Roderick.  The Forbidden City.  New
           York: Newsweek, 1972.  [951.156 M143]

 14.  Quennell, Peter.  The Colosseum.  New York:
           Newsweek, 1971.  [945.632 Q3]

15.  Winston, Richard.  Notre-Dame de Paris.  New
           York: Newsweek, 1971.  [726 W]

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001