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Outside Reading Selections for Levels 3 and 4 Classes

Keeley Library Staff                                    6/27/98
The number in brackets is the Keeley Library call number for each book.

             World's Wild Places
 1.  Botting, Douglas.  Wilderness Europe. 
           Amsterdam: Time-Life Books, 1976.  [914.0095 W673]

  2.  Mackay, Roy D.  New Guinea.  Amsterdam:
           Time-Life Books, 1976.  [508.953 M153 1976]

  3.  MacKinnon, John Ramsay.  Borneo.  Amsterdam:
           Time-Life International, 1975.

  4.  Marsden, Walter.  Lapland.  Amsterdam: Time-Life
           Books, 1976.  [508.4897 M364 1976]

  5.  McGregor, Craig.  The Great Barrier Reef. 
           Amsterdam: Time-Life Books, 1974.  [919.43 M147]

  6.  Moffitt, Ian.  The Australian outback. 
           Amsterdam: Time-Life Books, 1976.  [919.42 M695]

  7.  St. George, George.  Soviet deserts and
           mountains.  Amsterdam: Time-Life International,
           1974.  [508.584 S139 1974]

  8.  Stewart, Robert.  Labrador.  Amsterdam:
           Time-Life International, 1977.  [917.182 S851]

  9.  Swift, Jeremy.  The Sahara.  Amsterdam:
           Time-Life International, 1975.  [916.6 S977]

 10.  Willock, Colin D.  Africa's Rift Valley. 
           Amsterdam: Time-Life Books, 1974.  [916.76 W739]

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