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The following digitized images are made possible through a gift  given by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph  E. Rogers and Mr. William A. Hendrickson in honor of the 90th birthday of Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Hendrickson, Class of 1925.  Five hundred slides from the Fall River History Materials Project were digitized on five cd disks. Approximately  15-20 images from each disk have been placed on this server. As we acquire more space on this account, more images will be mounted at a later date.

Eighteen of the one hundred images on this photo cd disk can be viewed below in Netscape.

1. Sandy Beach

2. Sandy Beach

3. Sandy Beach

4. Sandy Beach

5. Bliffin Beach

6. Lanigan Beach

7. Roller Coaster at Sandy Beach

8. Lower Mount Hope Bay

9. Narrows on Lake Watuppa

10. Bliffin's Beach

11. Bliffin's Beach


12. Bliffin's Beach

13. Bliffin's Beach

14. Sandy Beach

15. Sandy Beach

16. Sandy Beach

17. Bliffin's Beach

18. George Washington Memorial

19. Lafayette Statue- Lafayette Park

20. Lafayette Park

21. Ruggles Park

22. Ruggles Park

23. Ruggles Park

24. Ruggles Park

25. Ruggles Park

26. Ruggles Park Comfort Station

27.Olmstead Plan for South Park

28. South Park Pavillion

29. South Park Walkway


30. South Park Shelter

31. South Park Swimming Pool

32. South Park, west of Broadway

33. South Park

34. South Park

35. South Park-Civil War Monument

36. Maplewood Park

37. North Park   Wading Pool

38. North Park

39. North Park

40. North Park Playground

41.  North Park, Circa 1910

42.  Horse Show in North Park

43.  North Park View

44.  North Park Comfort Station

45. Mingo Burial Ground at Pleasant & North Watuppa

46. North Burial Ground   on  North Main Street Tombstone of Robert Irving

47. North Burial Ground,  1934

48. Lt. Col. Joseph Durfee (tombstone) Hero of American Revolution

49. Oak Grove Cemetery

50. Entrance to Oak Grove Cemetery

51. Waterfall at Steep Brook

52. Behind the Mill at Steep Brook

53. Steep Brook   Joel Hathaway Homestead

54. Steep Brook, Railway Station

55. Sandy Beach

56. Lanigan Beach, Steep Brook

57.Eudora, First Boat of Fall River Line

58. The Hancock (1828)  Providence to Fall River

59. Steamer Canonicus,  Excursion Boat from Fall River to Providence

60. Steamer Metacomet

61. Steamer Richard Borden

62. Steamer Mount Hope  (1940's)

63. Steamer Commonwealth

64. Commonwealth Social Lounge

65. Commonwealth Saving Passengers from the Boston,  1924

66. Commonwealth Writing Room

67. Commonwealth Card Room

68. Commonwealth Main Lounge

69. Commonwealth Grand Staircase

70. Commonwealth Staircase

71. Commonwealth Dining Room

72. Commonwealth Main Lounge

73. Commonwealth Staircase

74. Commonwealth Quarter Deck

75.  Commonwealth Dance Floor and Grille

76. Steamer Commonwealth  Grand Salon

77. Plymouth

78. Plymouth Leaving the Dock in Providence

79. Plymouth Interior

80. Plymouth Grand Salon

81. Plymouth   Interior Saloon

82. Plymouth   Quarter Deck

83. Plymouth Interior, Looking Aft  from the Galley

84. Plymouth    Wharton Ford Entertainers

85. Priscilla

86. Priscilla

87. Priscilla

88. Priscilla Quarter Deck

89. Priscilla Interior

90. Priscilla Writing Room

91. Priscilla   Dome Electrolier in Grand Saloon

92. Priscilla   Grand Salon

93. Priscilla  Deck

94. Priscilla Grand Staircase

95. Fall River LIne Boats and Dock

96. Salon of the Mount Hope

97. Fall River LIne  "Old" Providence    8th boat of the line

98. Fall River LIne  "New" Providence   13th boat of the line

99. Dining Room on the Providence

100.  Interior of the Providence

101. Main Staircase on the Providence

102. Grand Salon on the Providence

103. Barbershop on the Providence

104. Fall River Line Boats and Dock

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001