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The following digitized images are made possible through a gift  given by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph  E. Rogers and Mr. William A. Hendrickson in honor of the 90th birthday of Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Hendrickson, Class of 1925.  Five hundred slides from the Fall River History Materials Project were digitized on five cd disks. Approximately  15-20 images from each disk have been placed on this server. As we acquire more space on this account, more images will be mounted at a later date.

Twenty-four of the one hundred images on this photo cd disk can be viewed below in Netscape.

1. Fall River National Bank 1889 North Main Street

2. Fall River National Bank  1889 North Main and Bank Streets

3. Fall River National Bank  1889

4. Fall  River Savings Bank

5. H.A. Borden Block

6. Old Colony Enterprise Brewing

7. Lizzie Borden Home

8. Old Colony Brewery Label

9. Granite Block

10. Pocasset National Bank

11. Massasoit Bank on Purchase and Bedford Streets

12. OId Metacomet Bank on Bedford and Rock Streets

13. New Metacomet Bank before the 1928 fire.

14. Landmarks: Main Street,  Lafayette Park, Fall River Line Fall River Courthouse

15. Fire Department Engine House on Eight Rod Way

16. Quequechan River

17. Quequechan River

18. Quequechan River Looking East

19. Central Street over the "Creek",
the Quequechan River Outlet.

20. Central Street Looking East, April 1921

21. Quequechan River Falls after 1928 Fire.

22. Fall River - Geologic Cross Section Showing Granite

23. Beattie's Ledge Granite Quarry

24. Beattie Granite Quarry   "Quarrying Granite"

25. Beattie Granite Quarry"Quarrying Granite"

26. Beattie Granite Quarry

27. Beattie Granite Quarry

28. Beattie Granite Quarry

29. Beattie Granite Quarry

30. Beattie Granite Quarry

31. Brayton Avenue (Granite Quarry?)

32. Fall River Granite Textile Mill

33. Fall  River Water Tower  (Granite?)

34. Old Granite Block, South Main Street

35. Early  Granite Mill Fire

36. Landmarks: RR Station, Library City Hall, South Park, City Seal

37. Landmarks: St.Mary's Cathedral, City Hall, Waterworks, South Park

38. Landmarks: High School, Yacht Club Armory, Court House,  Main Street.

39. Custom House

40. Medallion, U.S. Customs House
Designed by Gersham A. Whiting

41. Medallion, U.S. Customs House Cut by Gersham A. Whiting who  came from England in 1871.

42. Medallion, U.S. Customs House Designed and cut by G.A. Whiting

43. Medallion, U.S. Customs House Designed by G.A. Whiting

44. Fall River Public Library, Circa 1910

45. Fall River Public Library, Interior View of Lobby

46. Fall River Public Library Lobby

47. Fall River Public Library Lobby

48. Y.M.C. A. Building Circa  1910

49. Brown Building  North Main Street, Corner of Pine

50. Water Tower

51. Water Tower

52. Court House and Registry

53. Armory

54. Baker's Drug Store

55. Old Granite Block, Main Street Circa 1844

56. Granite Block

57. Mellen House Hotel Later used as temporary City Hall

58. Savoy Theater

59. Savoy Theater

60. Wreck of Staples Coal Elevator

61. Staples Coal Elevator

62. Y.M.C. A. Building

63. Generating Station   Fall River Electric

64. Dr. Clarke's Private Sanitarium

65. Women's Union  (Rock Street?)

66. Old Gunn Mansion, Rock Street

67. Interlaken,  Spencer's Borden's  Residence

68. House of Art

69. Troy Store

70. Mohican Hotel

71. Armory on Bank Street

72. "New" jail

73. Pocasset Bank

74. Fall River Home for the Aged

75. St. Vincent's Home   1890

76. Fall River Historical Society, formerly Brayton  House and Underground Railroad stop.

77. Secret staircase used for Underground Railroad.

78. Bowen House,  175 Rock Street Underground Railroad stop.

79. Fall River recruitment for Civil War photo taken on North Main Street.

80. Recruitment for Civil War  (Detail from Mann Murals)

81. Recruitment for Civil War Detail from Mann Murals

82. Recruitment for Civil War Detail from Mann Murals

83. Recruitment for Civil War Detail from Mann Murals

84. Recruitment for Civll War Detail from Mann Murals

85. Fall River Civil War veterans.

86. Fall River Civil War veterans.

87. Fall River Civil War veterans

88. Fall River Civil War veterans

89. Names of Fall River Civil War veterans

90. Fall River Civil War veterans

91.Fall River Civil War Veterans

92. Black child in the South after attending Free School.

93. Black child in the South before attending Free School.

94. B.M.C. Durfee High School on  Rock Street   (Fall River granite.)

95. Fall River Public Library on North Main Street ( Fall River granite)

96. Fall River Historical Society
(Constructed of Fall River granite)

97. St. Anne's Church and Shrine  (Constructed partially of Fall River granite.)

98. Peter Small, stone cutter

99. Fall River street scene, 1910
Boy at water pump  Granite cobblestone street

100. Chateau sur Mer , Newport R.I.  mansion constructed of Fall River granite

101. Rolling Rock in Fall River (Fall River granite)

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Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
September, 1978  to  June, 2001