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Keeley Library  November 27, 2000
Retailing II
COURSE: 3114
Retailing II
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  • Careers






    CONTENT: Career Research-
    Students utilize career resources to determine an information base that includes global occupational opportunities.Students complete workbook on individual lifestyle, interests, attitude, and choosing a career.
    PERFORMANCE: Open Ended Questions, Student Checklists
    Students demonstrate the ability to develop clear, well formulated ideas. Students recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and discover what they really like to do.
    Final Product: Career Decisions and Educational Goals toward Careers.
  • Retailing, Advertising
  • Essay
  • Business Management
  • Careers
  • Preparing for Discussions, Debates, Persuasive  Essays 
  • Portfolios
  • Ethics






    CONTENT: Workplace  Expectations 
    Students relate work ethic, workplace, workplace diversity and workplace communication skills to career development. 
    Students practice punctuality, dependability, knowledge of dress code, respect ..
    Students find  acceptable solutions to workplace problems based on workplace standards.
    PERFORMANCE: Open- Ended Questions; Class Participation and Cooperative Group activities; Portfolios. Students will demonstrate ability to analyze their personal work habits for abuse of work privileges. Students predict how futures ethical decisions are influenced by daily actions. Students discuss why attitude is so important to employees.
    Final Product: Development of Ethical and Responsible Behavior in the Workplace
    Graphs, Charts, 
    Accounting, Record Keeping


    CONTENT: Statistics and Probability
    Students analyze and interpret data using common statistical procedures. Students construct, read, and interpret tables, charts and graphs. 
    Students make inferences about data from tables, charts, and graphs.
    PERFORMANCE: Construction of Individual Graphs, Charts, Tables.: Students will demonstrate importance of keeping an accurate record of expenditures.
    Final Product: Completed Graphs Added to Portfolio
  • Retailing, Advertising
  • Business Management

  • Accounting, Record Keeping




    CONTENT: Problem Solving Applications 
    Students use mathematical procedures to analyze and solve business problems for such areas as credit management, purchases, sales, inventory records ,payroll records, cash management, financial statements, credit  management, purchases, sales, inventory records, depreciation, cost recovery, and depletion..
    PERFORMANCE: Multiple Choice, Matching and Fill-in-the Blanks: 
    Students will understand that good buying decisions are based on all product information, not just the selling price or unit price.
    Students determine cost, markups, markdowns, sales, and tax of merchandise for sale. 
    Students will understand the main purpose of life insurance is to provide income for dependents.
    End Product: Completion of Payroll Earnings Statement.
    End Product: Computation of markdown and markup, sales tax from regular selling price.
  • Business Management
  • Essay
  • Careers

  • Computer Software




    CONTENT: Computer Applications Software 
    Students identify, select, evaluate, use and solve problems occurring from an application software's use. 
    Students select application software types appropriate for specific tasks.
    PERFORMANCE: Role Play, Open-Ended Questions, Resume Critique :
    Students will demonstrate ability to master the job search process.
    End Product: Writing Cover Letter and Resume in Response to Job Ad.
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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001