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  • Renaissance
  • Early 20th Century Literature
  • Victorian Era 
  • Literature of the Enlightenment

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  • Authorship
  • Elements of Fiction
  • Research Reports
  • Scriptwriting
  • Broadcasting
  • Criticism
  • Genres, Themes 
  • Children's Literature
  • Media Literacy 
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Discussion-Debate
  • Presentations
  • Mystery and Detective
  • Mythology
  • Storytelling

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    See our guide, Finding Your Way in the Library, and our Library Floor Plan to locate books on the shelves.

    800's  Literature and Rhetoric
    810's   American Literature in English
    820's   English and Anglo Saxon
    830's   German Literature
    840's   French Literature
    850's  Italian Literature
    860's  Spanish and Portuguese Literatures
    870's  Latin Literature
    880's  Classical Greek Literature
    890's  Literature of Other Languages


    sailscat.gif (2318 bytes)To locate items in our library network, search our New WebCat™using the following subjects.
    Literature  Authors Authorship  Children's literature
    Fiction  Fantasy fiction  Criticism  College readers
    Fables Epic literature  Drama  Music and literature
    Letters  Legends  Journalism Parodies
    Style, Literary Wit and humor Poetry Quotations 
    Literature and morals Censorship Television adaptations  Film adaptations
    Literature and society  Science fiction  Literature, Modern Literature, Medieval
    Literature, Comparative  Comedy  Literature--Bio-bibliography Literature--Bio-bibliography 
    Pornography Books and reading  Literature--Dictionaries  French Literature, (etc.)
    American Literature Psychoanalysis and literature Literature--History and criticism Literature--Study and Teaching



     As members of SAILS, Durfee  students and teachers can access SIRS, INFOTRAC AND ELECTRIC LIBRARY, both  from library workstations, and from home. From home or a school lab computer, go to SAILS  Databases. You will need your library barcode when dialing from a home computer or a lab.


    Each type of book listed below is useful for a particular purpose. These kinds of resources exist for books in many different subject areas. As you use them, you will become more familiar with them, and will appreciate their value.
    Resource Type: Selected Title Call Number
    Bibliographic Guides: These
    resources lead you to other books
    Literary Research Guide
    Example: Critical Survey of Poetry 
    Ref. 801.6
    Ref. 809.1003
    Literature Dictionaries:
    These give definitions for literary 
    Dictionary of Literary Terms
    Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
    Brewer's Twentieth Century of Phrase and Fable
    Ref. 803 S534
    Ref. 803 B847
    Ref. 803 B847 1992
    Literature Handbooks:
    Usually one volume summaries.
    Handbook to Literature
    MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
    Cyclopedia of Literary Characters
    Reader's Encyclopedia
    Writers Inc., a Student Handbook for Writing and....
    Ref. 803 T529
    Ref. 808.02 G437 1995
    Ref. 803 M194 1963
    Ref. 803 R286 1965
    Ref. 808.02 K32 2001
    Literature Encyclopedias:
    Contents vary. They could be about
    authors, or about some aspect 
    of literature.
    Encyclopedia of World Literature in the Twentieth ..
    European Writers
    American Writers
    British Writers
    Something About the Author
    Latin American Writers
    Ancient Writers
    African Writers
    Modern Slavic Writers
    Ref. 809.0403

    Ref. 809.894 E89
    Ref. 810.9 A512
    Ref. 820.9 B862
    Ref. 810.90052 S696
    Ref. 860.998 L357
    Ref. 880.09 A541
    Ref. 896 A258
    891.7009 M689

    Plot Summaries 
    or Digests
    Masterpieces of World Literature in Digest Form
    Masterplots Drama Series
    Masterplots II World Fiction Series
    Masterplots II. Drama series
    Masterplots II : American  Fiction series
    Masterplots II  British and Commonwealth Fiction ..
    Ref. 808.8 M194
    Ref. 808.82 M194 
    REf. 809.3 M423wo
    Ref. 809.2 M423
    Ref. 809.3 M423
    Ref. 823.009 M423
    Quotations: Reprints or extracts 
    from primary sources, such as letters, 
    newspaper articles,speeches, etc.
    Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
    Magill's Quotations in Context
    Macmillan Book of Proverbs, Maxims and Famous.. 
    Ref. 808.882B289
    Ref.808.882 M194
    Ref. 808.882 S847m
    Concordances: Key word index 
    to theworks of an author, or work
    Concordance to the Poems of Hart Crane
    Complete Concordance to Shakespeare
    Concordance to the Poems of Dylan Thomas
    Ref. 811.52 C891zl
    Ref. 822.33 GC874
    Ref. 821.912 T455zl
    Literature Anthologies:These 
    are collections of poems, stories, etc.
    Masterworks of World Literature
    Anthology of World Poetry
    Treasury of the Theatre
    Ref. 808.8 E93
    Ref. 808.81 A628
    Ref. 808.82 T784
    Thematic Guides
    Resources that include 
    themes, such as war, bravery, 
    Identities and Issues in Literature
    The "for students" series also lincludes thematic references.
    Ref. 810.992 I19
    See  also Genres,Themes:
    for lists of specific sources 


    These are document facsimiles kept near the Reference Desk. Most of the Jackdaws are about history topics, but these might be useful when studying about the background to literature. See the World History Jackdaws and American History Jackdaws links for a list of our Jackdaws topics.


    Rediscovering Literature Critical reading, a  Guide Literature and Composition Resources 
    Literature and Books Library Spot Reference Internet Public Library Ready Reference
    Quotations Virtual Presentation Assistant Online Literary Criticism Collection
    Literature by Country Citing Sources - MLA  Latin Language and Literature
    Writers Write A+ Research & Writing Web Bin  Links on Rhetoric, Composition, Crtical Theory, 
    Online Books Page Research Paper Assistance Comparative Literature  Worldwide
    The Quotations Page Writing Tips / Techniques Children's Literature Web Guide
    Citing Sources - APA The Art of Storytelling  Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources
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  • Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature written in language other than English
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  • Voice of the Shuttle Humanities Page
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