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Keeley Library  July 30, 2000
Literacy for English Connections
(Revised  version
COURSE: 9124
Literacy for English Connections
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  • Themes and Genres
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Creating Graphic Organizers 
  • Extracting Relevant Information
  • Writing Essays
  • Li9

    SS CG16B

    CONTENT: Students identify and describe the essential ideas in what them have heard, read, or viewed. Theme: 
    Civil Rights
    PERFORMANCE: Students will read the passage, Damon and Pythias, and complete an expanded definition on loyalty and friendship .
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Creating Graphic Organizers 
  • Extracting Relevant Information
  • Discussions, Debates, Persuasion
  • Li13

    SS CG16B

    CONTENT: Students analyze the structure and elements of biographical or nonfunctional works, explain what they are in an essay, and use them in a similar piece of writing. Theme: Discrimination.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will choose an issue  from a newspaper article. In a discussion web format, they will list the pros and cons, along with their conclusions.
  • Poetry (Writing, etc.)

  • LITERATURE (800'S)

  • Li14


    CONTENT: Students identify poetic forms such as ballad, sonnet and heroic couplets. Students respond to the 
    emotional power of poetry.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will identify the different forms of poetry in a matching test.
  • Writing Essays
  • Imagery, Symbolism
  • Language
  • English Language

  • Literature(figurative language)



    CONTENT: Students analyze and compare figurative language and imagery across significant cross-cultural
    literary works.
    PERFORMANCE:  Students will read an excerpt from Yula-Onna. They will recognize and define both figurative language and imagery in a multiple choice test  or open-response question.
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Creating Graphic Organizers
  • Information Gathering,Summarizing
  • Writing Essays
  • C23


    CONTENT: Students use their own questions, notes, summaries, and outlines to deepen learning across 
    disciplinary areas.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will be given a topic pertaining to text. They will write a short, open-ended essay demonstrating their understanding of the text, and substantiated with details from the text.
  • Focusing
  • Letter Writing
  • Careers
  • C24


    CONTENT: Students individually formulate open ended questions to explore a topic of interest, and then design an appropriate methodology, form and way to document 
    sources for a report of their research.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will create a cover letter and resume using the standard format for each.
  • Extracting Relevant Information
  • Using computers for assignments
  • Authorship
  • Documenting Sources
  • Evaluation:Rubrics
  • C25
    CONTENT: Students use group generated criteria for evaluating different forms of writing, and explain why these 
    are important before applying them.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will use the computer to edit and revise documents., They will show their understanding of the MLA format when editing and formatting these documents

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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001