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Keeley Library       January 7, 2001

Thrillers and Chillers I
COURSE: 09684-001
Thrillers and Chillers I
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  • Discussions, Debates, Persuasion
  • Team /Collaborative Work
  • Broadcasting 
  • Television Production
  • Video Tips




    LA 1


    CONTENT: Developing Discussion Skills: 
    Drawing on one of the widely used professional evaluation forms for group discussion, students, using peer review, will evaluate how well they and others engage in group discussion at a local discussion.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will view videos on violence and the roots of evil and anti-social behavior. Assuming the roles of criminal, victim, taxpayer, psychologist, child advocate, defense lawyer, and district attorney, students will form a panel to discuss an act of violence using different points of view.
    End product: Panel Discussion
  • Discussions, Debates, Persuasion
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Statistics (charts, etc.)
  • Surveys




    LA 2


    CONTENT: Analyzing Differences in Responses to Group Discussions. 
    Students analyze differences in their responses to focused group discussions in an organized and systematic way.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will determine categories under which group discussion participants fall. Students will determine percentages of students holding similar views, and make a pie chart or bar graph so that differences can be analyzed.
    End product: Chart Showing Percentage of Students Offering Different Responses
  • Writing Essays
  • Journalism
  • Broadcasting 
  • Television Production
  • LITERATURE (800'S) 
  • Theme Genre




    LI  10


    CONTENT: Identifying and Analyzing Themes as Treated by Different Genres.
    Students identify and analyze characteristics of genres such as satire, parody, allegory, and pastoral that overlap or cut across the lines of basic classifications such as poetry, prose, drama, novel, short stories, essay or editorial.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will develop and create news coverage of Columbine High School shooting. written from viewpoint of reporters assigned to various newspapers of magazines, including U.S. News and World Report, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, etc.
    End product: News Stories
  • Elements of Fiction
  • Authorship
  • LITERATURE (800'S) 
  • Theme Genre
  • Story 
  • Detective Mystery
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • LI  12


    CONTENT: Applying Elements of Fiction
    Analyze, evaluate, and apply knowledge of how authors use such elements of fiction as point of view, characterization and irony for specific rhetorical and aesthetic purposes.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will be given a plot outline of a young teenager being left home alone overnight for the first time ever in a big house in the woods. Using this outline, students will
    write a short story analyzing, evaluating and applying their knowledge of the elements of fiction.
    End product: Short Story
  • Writing Essays
  • LITERATURE (800'S) 
  • Criticism
  • Journal




    LI  17 CONTENT: Analyzing Works of Literature for Patterns of Moral, Philosophical or Political Thought.
    Analyze the moral and philosophical arguments presented in novels, films, plays, essays, or poems. Analyze an author's political ideology as portrayed in a selected work or collections of works, or analyze archetypal patterns found in works of literature or non fiction.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will  keep film journals, including recurring archetypal patterns found in works of literature and non fiction in their entries.
    End product: Film Journal
  • Focusing 
  • Information Gathering, Summarizing
  • Using Note Cards for Research
  • Journalism
  • Media Literacy
  • Information Literacy
  • Presentations
  • M 26


    CONTENT: Selecting Appropriate Electronic Media 
    Select appropriate electronic media for research and evaluate the quality of information obtained.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will research the topic of violent juvenile offenders by selecting appropriate electronic media and use the information obtained to make an informative speech to their class.
    End Product: Informative Speech
  • Media: Advertising Techniques
  • Media Literacy
  • Film Techniques
  • Criticism
  • Journalism
  • M 27


    CONTENT: Identifying and Evaluating Media Effects. Identify the aesthetic effects of a media presentation and identify and evaluate the techniques used to create them.
    PERFORMANCE: Students will write film reviews of a classic thriller such as "Psycho" or "The Exorcist". including in their review those techniques they can identify that are used to create certain aesthetic effects.
    End Product: Film Review
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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001