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Keeley Library     August11, 2000
Computer Keyboarding II
COURSE: 3412
Computer Keyboarding II
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Unit title: Guest Speaker
  • Careers

  • Preparing for Discussions, Debates, Persuasive  Essays 


    CONTENT: Work Expectations  Relate work ethic, workplace, workplace diversity and workplace communication skills to career development. Practice punctuality, dependability, knowledge of dress code, respect ... 
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Guest Speaker After listening to a guest speaker, students will put into practice required standards expected in the workplace. (Discussion, etc..?)
     Unit title: Request Ideas,/ Input
  • Careers
  • Focusing 
  • Writing Essays
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • 3.4


    CONTENT: Career Strategy  Apply knowledge gained from comprehensive set of goals and an individual career plan.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Request Ideas / Input.Students will organize information for future goals, and describe how career development is a continuous process, with  a series of choices..
    Unit title: Information Interview
  • Careers
  • Interviews (Conducting, etc.)
  • Preparing for Discussions, Debates, Persuasive Essays 
  • 3.6


    CONTENT: Lifelong Learning Relate importance of lifelong learning to career success. Students relate  various levels of education to careers.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Information Interview Students will set a goal for a successful job, career. 
    Unit title: Outline
  • Focusing 
  • Using Graphic Organizers

  • Information Gathering, Summaries.




    CONTENT: Foundations of Communications Communicate in a clear, courteous, and correct manner on personal and professional levels. Determine when more information is needed and ask appropriate questions.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Outline Students will summarize communicated information to obtain pertinent information, and decide if more information is needed.
    Unit Title: Create an essay on keeping a pleasant attitude in the workplace
  • Writing Essays
  • Human Relations
  • Collaborative Work
  • 4.2


    CONTENT: Social Communications Apply basic social communication skills in personal and professional situations Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills: Respect ;the rights and feelings of others. Demonstrate proper respect for authority. Work cooperatively with ones peers and authority figures.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit Title: Create an essay on keeping a pleasant attitude in the workplace
    Unit title: Profit and Loss Statement
  • Writing Essays
  • Research Projects 

  •    Technical report guide (incomplete)
  • Computer Software
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • 8.6


    CONTENT: Keyboarding Use touch keyboarding skills to enter and manipulate data.Develop touch keyboarding techniques. Develp touch keyboarding skills at an acceptable sped and accuracy level.Enter and manipulate numberic data using the touch method on a 10- key keypad.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Profit and Loss Statement Students will calculate data with accuracy and use the computer to write a profit and loss statement 
    Unit title: Typing a newsletter
  • Writing Essays
  • Authorship
  • Journalism
  • Computer Software
  • Office Practices, Keyboarding



    CONTENT: Common Applications of Information Systems to Organizations Select and use word processing, desktop publishing, database, spreadsheet, presentation  graphics, multimedia and imaging software and industry and subject-specific software.
    PERFORMANCE: Unit title: Typing a newsletter. Students will compose, organize, and edit information using a keyboard to write a news story.

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    Jane Constant, Reference Librarian
    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001