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Keeley Library,    Revised January 23, 2001
See also the following related Keeley Library Topic Guides;
See also subdivisions for specific geographic regions.

Related Keeley Libray Topic Guides:

  • Holocaust
  • Atlases map
  • Geography
  • Legends: Myths
  • Ancient, Medieval, Oriental Philosophy
  • Statistics
  • Political Science
  • Public Admin. - Government,` 
  • Military
  • Primary Sources
  • History of Inventions
  • Massachusetts History
  • Fall River History
  • Keeley Library Guides in WORLD HISTORY 
  • World History and Geography since 500 A.D.
  • Ancient Greece
  • Africa
  • Medieval History and Civilization
  • Islam and the Arab World
  • Napoleon
  • Modern Global Studies
  • Voyages of Exploration and Discovery
  • Renaissance
  • French Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Balkans: News Report
  • Utopian Societies  in progress
  • Biography Topic Guide    completed
  • Existentialism
  • Holocaust
  • Dictators of the 1930's and 40's
  • Keeley Library Guides inUNITED STATES HISTORY

  • U.S. History Topic Guide
  • Framing the U.S. Constitution
  • U.S. Constitutional Law
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • American Trade Unions
  • Progressivism
  • Populism
  • Late 19th Century Immigration
  • U.S. Business History
  • Spanish-American War
  • American Imperialism after the Spanish American War
  • World War I : American Neutrality
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Great Depression
  • World War II
  • Cold War
  • Presidents Kennedy and Johnson
  • President Nixon
  • Presidents Reagan and Bush

    in World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago:World Book, 2001 
    Ref. 031 W927 1990 v. 9
     inEncyclopedia Americana. Danbury, CT:Grolier, 1999
    Ref. 031 E56A 1999 v. 14
    Berkhofer, Genevieve Z. and Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr. "History" v. 9 Daniels, Robert V. "History" v. 14
    See also articles for First Centry, Second Century etc.


    See our guide,Finding Your Way in the Library, and our Library Floor Plan to locate books on the shelves.
    900's    History in General
    910's Geography-Travels-Descriptions of Places
    920's Biography, Genealogy, Insignia
    930's Ancient History- to  ca. 499
    940's General History of Europe
    950's Genral History of Asia   Far East
    960's General History of Africa
    970's General History of North America
    980's General History of South America
    990's Pacific Ocean Islands Australasia

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     As members of SAILS, Durfee  students and teachers can access SIRS, INFOTRAC AND ELECTRIC LIBRARY, both  from library workstations, and from home. From home or a school lab computer, go to  SAILS  Databases. You will need your library barcode when dialing from a home computer or a lab.

    JACKDAWS:These are document facsimiles kept near the Reference Desk. .

    See list of World History Jackdaws See list of American History Jackdaws


    Each type of book listed below is useful for a particular purpose. These kinds of resources exist for books in many different subject areas. As you use them, you will become more familiar with them, and will appreciate their value.
    Resource Type: Selected Title Call Number
    Bibliographic Guides
    These resources lead you 
    to other books and journals
    Great Events From History Worldwide Twentieth Century Series
    Great Events from History-Ancient and Medieval Series
    Ref. 909 M194

    Ref. 909.09812 M194

    Dictionaries Dictionary of Twentieth Century History
    Dictionary of Modern Politics
    Ref. 909.82 B885 1990 
    Ref. 909.8203 C344 1994
    HandbooksThese are often one-volume 
    works whichspecialize in one area.
    Countries of the World and their Leaders Yearbook
    Encyclopedia of American History 
    Ref. 909.828 C855 1997
    Ref. 973.03 E56
    EncyclopediasThese are encyclopedias 
    devoted to history topics. Contents vary. 
    Lands and Peoples
    Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations
    Ref. 909 L263
    Ref. 903.21 W927
    Primary SourcesQuotations, 
    Speeches, Reprints or extracts from 
    letters, newspaper articles,speeches, etc.
    Historic Documents (1972 to date) Includes
    speeches of U.S. and other government officials.
    Documents of American History 
    Ref. 973.9205 H673

    Ref. 973 C734

    Timelines or Chronologies Encyclopedia of World Facts and Dates Ref. 902.02 C319 1993 
    Almanacs, Statistics,


    Facts on File World Political Almanac
    Almanac of European Politics
    Statistical Abstract of the World
    World Almanac and Book of Facts
    Statesman's Yearbook
    Clements ' Encyclopedia of World Governments
    Ref. 909.82 C771 1992 
    Ref. 909.0982 C836 1995
    Ref. 310 S597 1996
    Ref. 317.3 W927 1997
    Ref. 310.5 S797 1993-94
    Ref. 320.403 C626 
    Maps, Flags, etc. Maps of the World
    Flags of the World
    National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our World
    Ref. 9132 G875 1997
    Ref. 929.92 S655 1995
    Atlas Case 9132 N277 1991
    Biographies Current Biography Yearbook
    McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography 
    Ref. 920.005 C976
    Ref. 920.003 M147


  • WWW Virtual Library: History
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Fodor's on the Web
  • Biography
  • National Parks
  • WWW Virtual Library -Geography
  • Genealogy Resources on Web
  • Flag Etiquette
  • Travel Resources on the Internet
  • The History Channel
  • Historical Maps Worldwide
  • 50 States and Capitals
  • World History: Rome
  • The Ancient Greek World
  • Labyrinth Medieval Studies
  • Hanover Historical Texts Project
  • Trenches on the Web
  • The World War I Document Archive The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century (PBS)
    World War II Commemoration United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Am History Before 1860
  • Am History 1860 - present 
  • American Memory Historical Collections
  • American Cultural History - The 20th Century..
  • The National Civil Rights Museumt
  • Voice of the Civil Rights Era
  • Cold War Hot Links
  • Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
  • PBS American Experience: Vietnam
  • Vietnam War Internet Project
  • See also these  topic guides for additional events:
  • Presidents Kennedy and Johnson
  • President Nixon
  • Presidents Reagan and Bush
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    Keeley Library, B.M.C.Durfee High School of Fall River
    September, 1978  to  June, 2001